Mass spectrometer leak tested to ASME specifications.

 Model #



Volume (cu. ft)



 4' x 3' x 3'




 30" x 30" x 36"




 2' x 2' x 2'




 2' dia x 2'




 3' dia x 3'




 4' dia x 3'


Ordering Information:

Upon placing your order, please indicate the above model number then the material of construction. For example: "VC-R43-SS" would indicate model # R43 with stainless steel chamber construction.

Chamber Construction Material and abbreviations:
1. Type 304 Stainless Steel (SS)
2. Type 6061-T6 aluminum (A)
3. Type A36 steel with 2 part epoxy finish. (SE)

Feedthrough options:
1. Power
2. Liquid
3. Instrumentation
4. Rotary and linear motion
5. Thermocouple

Vacuum pumps and base pressures:

Ultimate base pressures need to be specified. Pressures less than 1 x 10-6 torr are obtainable with certain combinations of vacuum pumps, chamber construction materials, and chamber designs. We offer many types of pumping systems including mechanical, diffusion, cryo, and turbo molecular. Options for oil-free and chemical resistant pumps are available as well.