Resistance Heating:

(1) Resistance heated platen.
600 C normal.
800 C intermitting.

Gas Pressure Controls:

(1) Throttle valve and controller. Conductance .5 to 55 lit/sec.

(1) Capacitance manometer, 1-10 torr standard. Complete with cable and control. Ranges to 1 atm. (Other ranges available).

(4) Mass flow control channels, 0-10 to 0-10,000 sccm.

All Stainless Steel Chamber and Interconnecting Manifold:

Electropolished and vacuum passivated for ultra high vacuum service.

Process Pumping:

(1) 4 cfm, 2-stage, direct drive mechanical pump.

RF or DC Plasma Option:

RF Plasma package includes:
(1) 500 Watt power supply.
(2) Parallel plate electrodes.
(1) RF matching network. Manual or automatic.

DC Plasma package includes:
(1) 1 kWatt, 0-750 V power supply with digital current and voltage readout.


Electrical: 230V, single phase, 30 amps service, 4 wire system ( TO NEC CODE ).
Pneumatic: 80 psi.
Water: 0.4 gal/min @ 230 C.
Pump exhaust to hood or vent, for a nontoxic, noncorrosive or a nonflammable emission.
Caution: Scrubbers, burnboxes, or specific vapor traps are required for certain chemistries.

Optional High Vacuum Pumping Package:

(1) 150 lit/sec diffusion pump or 80 lit/sec turbo pump.
(1) High vacuum valve, bellows sealed, stainless steel.
(1) Ionization gauge and control, with two station thermocouple.
(1) Foreline and roughing valve manifold, bellows sealed,
stainless steel.

Other Options:

Up to (6) additional flow control channels can be added.
8 cfm, 2-stage, direct drive mechanical pump.
Pump oil filter packages also available.
Downstream liquid nitrogen trap.
Metal organic source containers.
Temperature ramping feature.

"-M" indicates microwave plasma.
"-R" indicates RF or DC plasma.