Model PECVD-60-M


Retrofittable with RF-DC-Laser Ablation Modules.
High Temperature Substrate Heating, 4" Diameter.
High Power Magnetron Head, 600W
Microprocessor Temperature Control.
Standard Model equipped to handle four gas inputs, expandable.
Adaptable for RF or DC Plasma.
Top Loading, Compact Footprint.
Broad Operating Pressure Range (10-4 to 760 torr).




Diamond and Diamond-like films
Boron Nitride
Silicon Carbide




TEK-VAC Model PECVD-60 has been specifically designed and engineered for the experimental growth of diamond and diamond-like films for research and development applications. Analysis by Raman spectroscopy has shown diamond films grown in the PECVD-60-M to be of high quality true diamond. The high quality and low cost of this compact system make it ideal for the researcher interested in the ground breaking technology of diamond films. Other materials that can be grown successfully in the PECVD-60 include boron nitride and silicon carbide. This modular system can be easily modified for most PECVD processes. An option of RF or DC plasma packages is offered.

The microwave enhanced plasma is shaped by a cylindrical waveguide for the most uniform plasma possible. An O-ring sealed quartz interface passes microwave radiation through the process chamber. The magnetron head is removable at the O-ring seal to facilitate substrate placement.

Substrates up to 4.0" in diameter can be accommodated on the stainless steel platen. The platen is heated with a resistance type heater for temperatures up to 800 C. The temperature is monitored and controlled by a microprocessor controller, complete with PID functions, for very high accuracy control. The sensing device is a thermocouple located under the platen.

Two mass flow controllers are included with the system for regulation of gas flow into the chamber. The controllers are fitted with air operated valves with rapid response time. An expandable manifold allows for up to eight flow controllers to be incorporated into the system.

A vacuum environment is provided by a 4 CFM, two stage, direct drive mechanical pump and an optional 150 l/s diffusion pump (to achieve pressures in the 10-7 torr range). Pressure regulation is achieved through use of a throttle valve located downstream of the chamber.