Services offered by Tek-Vac Industries

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Chemical Vapor Deposition and Reactive Ion Etching:

Tek-Vac offers experience with CVD (thermal and plasma enhanced) and RIE for various semiconductor materials such as silicon (amorphous, polycrystalline, epitaxial), silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, aluminum, graphite, high temperature polymers, gallium nitride, and many others.

Sample Testing & Characterization:

In collaboration with a local research institute, Tek-Vac Industries offers materials testing and characterization services. Click here for details.

Nuclear Grade Passivation:

Tek-Vac's proprietary process for passivation of 300 series stainless steel offers safe handling of tritium and other radioactive gases. Our process is one of the few sources utilized by the U.S. Department of Energy. Please see details of our MSI mass spectrometer gas handing system.


Tek-Vac offers a high experience and level of quality for stainless steel, aluminum, and a wide variety of other metals. Our techniques include, but are not limited to, tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG), shielded metal-arc welding (SMAW), and oxyacetylene welding.


Our various brazing techniques include torch, vacuum furnace, and gas furnace.

Non-Destructive Examination:

Leak Testing: Tek-Vac specializes in helium mass spectrometer leak testing to ASME section V standards. We perform both vacuum and pressure leak testing. Techniques include helium spray, hood (belljar) encapsulation, helium sniffing, and various others.

Dye Penetrant: Tek-Vac offers qualified personnel to examine for defects and cracks utilizing this surface examination technique.


Within our own facilities, Tek-Vac offers our customers machining service to meet their specifications requirements. We will procure materials and manufacture items from provided drawings and schematics. Small specialized designs are welcome.

System Sub-components:

In addition to complete systems, Tek-Vac will manufacture sub-assemblies for its equipment. These include mass flow controller gas distribution containment units, vacuum process chambers (304 stainless steel, aluminum), vacuum manifolding, electrical control panels/systems, and electronics consoles and system chassis.