Mass Spectrometer Gas Inlet System

Tek-Vac Model MSI-3000

The Tek-Vac MSI-3000 is a general purpose inlet system, utilized for introduction of precision gas quantities into a mass spectrometer for quantitative analysis.

Combined with Tek-Vac's proprietary stainless steel passivation for nuclear applications, the MSI-3000 may be implemented in functions where handling and exposure to hydrogen isotopes is required.


Computer control in addition to the ability to readout instrumentation and have manual control of all electro-pneumatic valves through the front panel.
All vacuum manifolds is stainless steel construction with metal sealed fittings.
300 L/s or larger turbo molecular pump.
High precision controlled temperature enclosure, 50C +/- 0.1C.
Entire system leak tested to < 1 x 10-10 std cc/sec. helium.
Sample gas sources include mounted precision leak cylinders and out-gassing residuals from vacuum-furnace treated substrates.

Please contact Tek-Vac if further details are required for this system.