Tek-Vac MODEL 440

For a safe method of handling O2 and H2O sensitive materials.


Provides an inert environment for handling of highly reactive materials.

Hermetically sealed chambers prohibitive to moisture and oxygen influx.

Vacuum load-lock transfer chamber to avoid contamination.

Optional purifier and regeneration systems are available.

Three models and many options to suit your requirements.




TEK-VAC's glovebox and gas purifier equipment offers a very competitively priced system to provide the user with an inert environment for purposes such as handling and storage of materials. Chemistries included are those specifically which are highly reactive with the ambient contaminants oxygen and water vapor. Examples are use of oxidizing prone inorganic and for organometallic synthesis.

The glovebox purification process is accomplished by continuously re-circulating gases from the central glovebox chamber into our cleansing apparatus. Re-circulation assures the user that contamination from sources such as impure inert gases and from the inserted materials are continuously removed. Oxygen removal is accomplished by a copper catalytic conversion. Water vapor is removed via a molecular sieve.

The charging process involves purging the copper catalyst and the molecular sieve with hydrogen or carbon monoxide gas in a thermally elevated environment.

The vacuum load-lock permits rapid transport of materials from the outside into the inert atmosphere work area. Options of preheating samples during pump-down are available.

TEK-VAC offers three different sized models constructed of high quality type 304 stainless steel. All models include capabilities of reaching magnitudes of 1 ppm of oxygen and water vapor. Our glovebox products also have the optional set up for controlled usage in high vacuum situations.