Instrument Console Features:

Gas control panel: Fully functioned, independent, and controllable electronic MFC's. A master / slave switch is also provided.

Capacitance Manometer/Throttle Valve: The rack panel contains the readout for a 0-10 torr capacitance manometer and a throttle valve controller. Both instruments are connected in series for closed loop pressure control inside of the plasma chamber.

Voltage Control Panel: The panel features a manually controlled DC high voltage (0-600 volt) circuit. The high voltage is connected to the substrate platen inside the plasma chamber.

D.C. plasma deposition & etch and for R.F. plasma biasing. An L.E.D. current / voltage readout is provided.

Ion Gauge Control: A full function ion gauge control with L.E.D. readout. Two thermocouple or convection gauge readouts for each mechanical pump are inclusive.

Heater Control: This panel features a closed loop temperature control circuit. A full PID digital temperature controller driving an SCR substrate heater is provided with front panel ammeter.

R.F. Power Supply: 300 watts, all solid state construction. Includes a forward power comparator for simple impedance matching.

Manual Control Panel: This panel presents the vacuum schematic for the DRIE-1000 in an easy, intelligible format. Locking toggles are included on all vent switches to prevent accidental opening. Neon lights indicate the status of the switches.

Pumping Package:
(1) 6.8 CFM direct drive rotary vane pump.
(1) 14.6 CFM direct drive rotary vane pump.
(1) 400 liter/sec. expanded diffusion pump with built in water cooled baffle.

Pump Options:
Turbo-pump, Cryo-pump, Roots blower.
Chemical resistant rotary vane pump.
Oil filtration system.
Particulate filter for pump inlet.
Fomblin oil.

Gas Flow Control:
Five electronic mass flow controllers.

Power Supplies:
(1) 300 watt, 13.56 MHZ solid state R.F. power supply.
(1) 300 watt D.C. power supply rated at 600 V and 0.5 amps. Ballast resistor included.

Heater Circuit:
(1) Three place digital temperature controller. PID control with variable rate & reset.
(1) 1000 watt silicon controlled rectifier.

(1) 0-10 torr capacitance manometer (other ranges optional).
(1) Throttle valve controller.
(1) 1.5" throttle valve.
(1) Digital ion gauge control with gauge tube.
(2) T.C. or convection gauge controls with T.C. (convection) sensors.

Water: 15 gallons/hour
Pneumatic: 80 psi
Electrical: 208-240 volt, 3-phase
Pump purge gas: Dry nitrogen, 5 SCFM min.
Weight: 1500 lbs.
Exhaust: Two separate 1" tube bulkheads.