User Friendly:

Lighted graphics panel with manual override switches.

Reactor-Heating Mode (Resistance Heater):

Hot-wall zone furnace.
Optional: Internally heated susceptor.

Gas Pressure Controls:

Capacitance manometer standard, 0-10 torr, with cable and readout controller. Ranges to 1 atm (other ranges available).
(1) Throttle valve, downstream controller. Conductance 0.5 to 55 liters/sec.
(2) Mass flow control channels, 0-10 thru 0-10,000 std. cc/min.
(1) Vacuum dial gauge, 0-760 torr.

All Stainless Steel Interconnecting Manifold:

(3) Bellows sealed shut-off valves, air operated, spring to close.
(2) Foreline and roughing valves, s/s, bellows sealed, air operated, spring to close.
(1) Downstream exhaust cap port assembly, water cooled.
(1) Upstream gas inlet port, water cooled, with gauge connections.

Process Pumping:

(1) 10.6 CFM, 2-stage, oil sealed, direct drive mechanical pump.

Note: Pump oil filter packages are available. See options for larger capacities and lower pressure.

Optional: Downstream liquid N2 trap is available for corrosive and volatile vapors.

Option for low pressure processing (10-3 to 10-8 torr).

(1) Turbo pump (80 lit./sec.) or diffusion pump (300 lit./sec.).
(1) Fore pump, 8 CFM, 2-stage, oil sealed, direct drive.
(1) Ionization control with cables and 2-station thermocouple control. Complete with gauge tubes.
(1) High vacuum valve, bellows sealed, pneumatic, S/S 4" conflat flanges.

Other Options:

  1. Up to (6) additional mass flow controllers.
  2. Metal organic source containers, with temperature controller option.
  3. Plasma enhancement versions.
  4. Vacuum gauge and control range of 5 to 1x10-3 torr.
  5. Remote electronic instruments and control console.


Electrical: 240V, single phase, 30 amps service, 4-wire system. (To NEC code)

Pneumatic: 80 psi

Water: 0.4 gallons/min, @ 23 C.

Pump exhaust to hood or vent, for a non-toxic, non-corrosive, or a non-flammable emission.

Note: Scrubbers, burnboxes or specific vapor traps are required for certain chemistries.