Tek-Vac MODEL VES-3000

A Highly Versatile R&D Bell Jar Thin Film Coating System.




Ideal for deposition of semi-conductor and dielectric materials, metals, optical coatings and use in various other thin film processing operations.
Optional pumping systems to suit specific applications are available, including lubricant-free versions.
Rapid pump-down rates and the optional deposition rate monitor and control allow the user to execute the process in a precise manner.
Standard and customized models and fixtures are available with an extensive variety of accessories.


TEK-VAC's VES-3000 coater station model offers a modular concept for thin film deposition. Common PVD techniques which can be employed in this compact unit include thermal and electron beam evaporation. A 2KVA SCR controlled filament evaporation power supply is provided. Optional ion deposition and magnetron sputtering devices can be incorporated in the system.

We offer as part of our standard package: A bell-jar process chamber with an implosion guard and a motorized hoist for lifting and rotating during cleaning Stainless steel plumbing. A vacuum system consisting of a roughing pump and a high speed diffusion pump (options available for a cryo pump and a turbo pump). All necessary instrumentation and controls for simple operation, conveniently mounted in the control panel.

The standard (18") bell jar is situated upon a 20" diameter stainless steel baseplate. A number of feedthrough ports are included in the baseplate for insertion of power lines, thermocouples, evaporation sources, gas inputs, as well as rotary mechanisms for shutters and planetary motion. A feedthrough collar for additional access to the coating area can be provided.

The standard control panel provides data acquisition and control of; the manual and automatic process operations, the heating system, voltage and current inputs (ie. filament voltage control) and power to the pumping system and all other accessories. Accessories such as the mass flow control operators and the film thickness measurement monitor can be regulated from the console as well.

Information on accessories:

Substrate planetaries: Our current designs allow for 1.5" substrate diameter, ideal for uniform optical coatings. We will tailor our design for larger (or smaller) substrate size capacities upon request.

Deposition rate and film thickness monitors: Data acquisition and control from the electronics console. Resolution to angstrom magnitude.

Feedthrough Collars: Standard collar size is 18"d x 3.5"h. We will customize collars upon request, with variations including size, port numbers, and applications (such as ultra-high vacuum).

Sputter sources: We will incorporate various sputter and ion deposition tools for single material or for multi- source, simultaneous deposition.

Thin film shutters: We offer automatically controlled shutters for rapid response to facilitize multi-source deposition. Manually regulated shutters are available.

Electron Beam Guns and Power supplies: We will implement an electron beam source upon request. Many variations available including single/multiple crucible, and linear or rotary beam control. Please contact us concerning power requirements.

(All fit into standard 1.0" port openings)

Type HV-20-KV (High Voltage feedthrough):

Features a demountable ceramic-to-metal penetration for high voltage into the vacuum. Elastomer O-ring sealed. Ceramic portion shielded from conducting deposits. Any high voltage lead-in wire lengths and types (ie. coaxial) can be provided. Aluminum electrode end to minimize sputter.

Type HC-300-A (High current feedthrough):

Accommodates 300 amperes current. Constructed of aluminum with Teflon insulators and elastomer O-ring seals.

Type RF-3-16-2 (RF feedthrough):

Body is constructed of Kel-F material to reduce coupling losses.
Accepts two 3/16" copper tubes of the work coil with a leak-tight seal.

Type CRYO-100-2 (Cryogenic feedthrough):

Ideal to introduce cryogenic fluids for cooling or condensing. Vacuum jacketed, long-path s/s sleeve minimizes thermal fluctuations. Conducting tubes are 1/4" dia. copper construction. Very low transfer losses.

Type LQ-250-2 (Liquid feedthrough):

Designed for the circulation of cooling or heating liquids in and out of the vacuum system. Supplied with two 1/4" dia. x 12" copper tubes. The housing is sealed to the port by an elastomer O-ring for temperatures of ( - 600C) to 232 C.

Type RP-250-P (Rotary feedthrough):

Allows both rotary and linear motion into the process chamber. Rotary motion of 3600 and linear translations of 4" possible without leaks. Differentially-pumped, double O-ring shaft-seal design.

Type GGA-75 (Ionization Glass Gauge Adapter):

Bayard-Alpert type. Low-cost gauging for pressure measurement.
Nude ion gauges available (NIG-BPA, NIG-T).

Type VVB-50-SG (Vacuum Pressure Adjustor):

Incorporates the Vari-Vac adjustable leak valve as a regulator. Ranges to 1 x 10-8 torr. Manual adjustment. Reproducible settings.

Type OCT-8-IN (Octal feedthrough):

For introduction of nominal voltage and current. Keyed 8-pin insert, glass to metal, rated up to 500 P.I.V. at 15 amps. A thermocouple feedthrough (use TC for IN) is designed to eliminate compensating junctions. Type FTP-100 (Feedthrough plug):

Chrome plated brass or aluminum. Penetration type modifications available. Type SP-100-KG incorporates a 7/8" glass view port.