An efficient means of handling and treating exhaust process gases.


Safe, low costing, and minimal maintenance exhaust gas abatement equipment designed for years of continuous operation.
Systems designed to significantly diminish toxic, corrosive, flammable, and pyrophoric gas exhaust to safe levels.
Ideal for treating the exhaust effluents from process systems such as a deposition and etch reactor.
Burnboxes, scrubbers and combinations are available, tailored to suit your exact requirements.


TEK-VAC's Burnbox/Scrubber equipment efficiently and safely diminishes unreacted gases and product constituents of semiconductor processes such as low pressure CVD and ion implantation. Among typical chemicals which can be handled by our gas burnbox & scrubber model (BBS-10-LM) are SiH
4, GeH4, PH3, and B2H6. Other gases, such as hydrogen and halogen chemistries (SF6, BCl3, CF4 , etc.) can be treated with the standard model as well as with other available models and options.

The basic principle of operation for the combination is as follows: Exhaust gases from the reactor enter the scrubber section from the system's vacuum pump. The gas bubbles through a cooling/scrubbing solution where chemical reaction and filtration occurs.

The gases flow from the scrubber and into the burnbox section. The burnbox compartment (Model # BB-10-LM) is comprised of a ceramic heater tube capable of temperatures of 800 C to assure a thorough treatment of the effluent. Decomposition and oxidation occurs as the gases pass the internal ceramic core. Finally, the hot treated gas is passed through a water cooled heat exchanger and into a safe ventilation area.

The standard features include a PID digital temperature controller with built in self-tuning, an inert gas inlet and rotameter, a power cord for a standard 120 VAC power outlet, a power level adjust and an alarm indicator.