Instrumentation and Controls:

R.F. Power Supply: 600 Watt capacity, programmable feature with digital readouts for forward reflected power and soft start features. Operational frequency of 13.56 MHz, complete with cables and necessary filters and shielding.

Flow Control Electronics: Monitors and regulates the reactant gas, O2, and/or inert gas flow to the process chamber. Up to four MFC's can be utilized. Includes S/S shut off valves, vent valves with .5 micron filters, and all associated gas feed lines.

Manual Matching Network: 1kW capacity to properly tune capacitance load, complete with cables and accessories.

Capacitance Manometer Electronics: Range of 0-2 torr pressure transducer with cables and associated electronics control.

Throttle Valve Control Electronics: Regulates downstream pressure of reactant gases through the system.


Power: 208/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1 Phase, 30 amp, 3-wire service. Step down transformer for operatation of instruments and controls for 120 VAC, 1 phase operation, 3 amp.

Gas Connections: Three are required. 1/4" diameter tube connections are provided. Gas pressure regulation required for 15 PSIG.

Process Exhaust: Dilution with N2 to safe levels for emission into the atmosphere. Optional burnbox / scrubber system available, please see TEK-VAC model BBS-10-LM.

Vacuum System and Accessories:

Mechanical Pump: Two-stage, direct drive, chemical seies pump. Fomblin charged to be compatable with O2 process. 8 CFM displacement.

Capacitance Manometer: Ranges 0-2 torr full scale. Monitors and controls the process pressure.

Throttle Valve and associated cabling.

Process Valve (optional): Pneumatic valve for automatic control and isolation of pumping line.

Vent Valve: Facilitates the opening of the process chamber.