Plasma Etcher / Asher

Tek-Vac Model PA-3000-A

Ideal for conformal surface modification, P.C. Board Desmearing, Flux removal, Promoting better surface adhesion, Reactive ion etching, and substrate cleaning.


Process chamber with plasma view window and full access hinged door. RF hot process shelves with opposing ground electrodes.
Throttle valve. Capacitance manometer. Internal pumping system with option for Fomblin filled chemical series mechanical pump.
Flow control electronics and cabinet. Up to four mass flow control assemblies can be incorporated into our system.
RF matching network and 600 watt maximum power supply.
Fully enclosed cabinet.
Custom internal fixturing to accommodate specific substrate shapes and sizes. Plasma gas selection for optimal performance.



TEK-VAC model # PA-3000-A is a plasma asher with capabilities of etching up to two stacks of 200 silicon wafers per process cycle. Typical process cycle time is 6-10 minutes, dependent on gas flow parameters and power levels.

Process chamber construction consists of aluminum or welded type 304 stainless steel lined with type 6061-T6 anodized aluminum. Chamber door has full opening access and is O-ring sealed to withstand full vacuum. A window to view the plasma process is provided with RF screening to minimize window etching and RF radiation. Optical windows for endpoint detection are available as an option.

The chambers are supplied with RF electrodes and grounded parallel screens to assure uniform processing. All necessary pumping ports and gauging ports are included. The chamber is designed to offer a uniform gas injection system as well as uniform pumping about the substrates. The process chamber is supplied with four mounting pads for affixment to the table top support frame.

The support frame is fully enclosed, constructed from welded angle iron, finished with a two part epoxy for durability. An instrumentation panel and access doors are provided. The table top work surface is Formica finished.

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