Tek-Vac Model DRIE-1200-LL-ICP
High Density Plasma Etching System for 200mm substrates


Single process chamber for high rate plasma etching of 200mm wafers. Loadlocked. Stainless steel construction. Capabilities of smaller, multiple wafer throughput.
Substrate materials include (but are not limited to) silicon, silicon oxynitrides, SiC, SiGe, Aluminum, and III-V compounds including GaAs, GaN, GaP, and InP.
Stable plasma generation capabilities to below 1 mTorr.
Five, Six, or Eight gas mass flow controllers are standard. Expanded or reduced numbers are available upon request.
Standard model semi-automatic with user front panel control on separate electronic control console. Optional computer automation is available.
High uniformities of: gas flow distribution, substrate platen susceptor thermal profiles (from -10C to 30C), and plasma region across the wafer(s).


The Tek-Vac model DRIE-1200-LL-ICP etching system is ideal for anisotropic etching applications requiring high aspect ratio profiles. Our versatile system has a wide array of process applications such as metal etch, dielectric etch, plasma cleaning, and MEMS devices. Chemical vapor deposition configurations are available with ICP or parallel plate plasma sources.

Gallium Nitride etch courtesy of N.R.C.

Al In Ga P compound etch courtesy of N.R.C.

Process Chamber:

Our standard model consists of type 304(L) and 316L stainless steel construction including the chamber, loadlock, valves, and gas manifolding. All welds are internal to minimize virtual leaks and local corrosion stress points. Only copper or nickel gaskets and elastomeric seals are utilized on the system. Upstream process gas manifolding contain only full penetration white welds and Cajon® VCR fittings.

The process chamber and wafer platen are round (square designs are optional). The platen is slightly oversized in order to minimize edge effects. A top located gas shower distribution ring provides uniform gas injection into the plasma source region. Three optical viewports, two of which are 180 degrees apart, are provided for user viewing or in-situ diagnostics purposes such as end point detection.

Susceptor thermal control is provided by an inclusive liquid heat exhanger flowing coolant through precision machined channels withing the platen. Temperature control may be user modulated from -10C to 30C with extended ranges available upon request.

Loadlock and Wafer Transport:

The loadlock is isolated from the process chamber by a SEMI 200mm compliant slit valve. The loadlock is 304 stainless steel constructed with top opening quartz lid. (A 304 stainless steel lid is available). The robot "hand" is triggered by the opened lid into a raised position, ready for accepting the substrate. The transporter consists of a stepper motor driven linear actuator, complete with limit switches and sequential safety interlocks.

The user simply presses "PLACE" to insert the wafer, and "PICK" to remove the wafer, on the front control panel. Pump down, transport, and valve operation are automatic.

Vacuum Pumping System:

A 900 L/sec corrosive series turbomolecular pump is provided as the process pump in order to maintain the low base pressures and high gas throughput required for anisotropic plasma etching. Base pressures below 1x10-7 torr are obtainable well within 30 minutes for a clean, dry system.

The turbo backing pump is a corrosive series 42 cfm two-stage rotary vane mechanical pump complete with inert gas purges and oil particulate filtration module. The backing pump is provided with an inert PFPE oil, such as Fomblin.

A separate isolated two-stage rotary vane mechanical pump serves to evacuate the loadlock to pressures below 30 mTorr.

Process Control and Pressure Readout:

High vacuum pressure measurements are obtainable through an integrated Bayard-Alpert type ionization gauge. Two convection gauges are located (on loadlock and vacuum manifolding) to provide pressure measurements from atmosphere to one millitorr.

A process control package is selected for this system which provides rapid and precise pressure control and adjustment to dynamic parameters. An MKS Instruments Baratron Capacitance manometer is mounted on the process chamber. Output voltage from the manometer is relayed to a process controller and a realtime pressure readout is displayed. Control of a linear type throttling gate valve is modulated in accord to preset pressures or valve positions. Further details are available upon request.

Upstream Pressure Control:

The standard DRIE-1200-LL-ICP etcher is provide with either 5, 6, or 8 process gas controllers. Tek-Vac has capabilities of expanding and/or isolating the gas channels upon request. Gas channels consist of isolation valves, bypass sections (for inert purge or evacuation with a system pump), mass flow controllers (MFC's), and MFC power supply electronics. MFC's incorporating all metal seals are provided for corrosive process gases such as chlorine and hydrogen bromide.

RF Generation and Matching:

The DRIE-1200-LL-ICP system is provided with two 13.56 MHz RF generators. The high power generator is configured onto the ICP source coil. An ICP specialized automatic matching network is located in near proximity to the chamber. A low power RF generator and automatic matching network set provides power to the electrically isolated platen for purposes of biasing. Further details available upon request.


Footprint: The system with console will occupy spacing approximately 2.5m wide x 2.5m deep x 2m high.

Electrical: Power requirements are 208-240VAC, 3-phase, 30 Amps, 60 Hz. A main power cable is provided to connect to the customer source. The cable joins into a power distribution box located at the rear of the system.

Air/Pneumatic: Dry nitrogen and/or compressed air require 80 psi.

Warranty: Tek-Vac Industries, Inc. offers a one year warranty for manufactured components. Sub-component warranties apply.